About Sharks

Easter Holiday Closures

Last Swim at Mile End Tuesday 27/03/2018 

Return to Mile End Monday 16/04/2018

York Hall closed Good Friday 30/03/2018 and Easter Sunday 1/04/2018

Bethnal Green Sharks Swimming Club is a “Competitive” Swimming Club based in Tower Hamlets.  We have swimming for everyone from 5 years of age and older, with sessions ranging from learning to swim, to training to become a competitive swimmer, to competitive squad and masters levels. Whichever group you swim with, you will have full membership and access to all the club activities. We swim at York Hall Leisure Centre, Mile End Leisure Centre, St. George's Leisure Centre and the London Aquatics Centre.

Click on the 'Sharks Swimming Schedule' button below to see our swimming groups and times.

If you click on the ProSwimwear picture above and then shop at Proswimwear, they will donate a small percent of your purchase to Sharks at no extra cost to you!